Canada Cares?

How can anyone support a statement to the effect that Canada actually cares about anything?

After the reality of our Harpy’s sell-out to the highest bidders for the right to push so much more pollutants into our ONLY atmosphere . . . that we now have less than 20 months to store ALL PERSONAL VEHICLES . .  if we are to have any hope of avoiding a violent and sudden onset 

“Accelerating Runaway Global

GreenHouse Heating" 

Canada cares (?)  Tell that to the families of the murdered and missing indigenous girls and women . . throughout Canada . . . and all the crap that their families had to go through in order to . . at last  . . . and only thanks to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau . .   have some form of enquiry take place . . . 

Tell that to the tens of thousands that, due Canada’s capitulation to America’s commitment to “Serve The Needs Of Our Greed First!” . . . live as do so many Americans . . . in hovels not meant for Human Habitation!

Canada Cares?  


While such as ex Prime Minister Harper remain free:

Absolute CRAP! 

And, that said: 

is for sale



Such aside:

When Do We

Tell The Children?

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To a safer, saner

and more caring world.

To Duty.

Daniel J. Lavigne, Founder

"The Tax Refusal"

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